Southend Central Area Action Plan & Proposals Map - Proposed Submission

Representation ID: 1356

Received: 25/11/2011

Respondent: Sainsbury's Supermarkets LTD

Agent: Indigo Planning Ltd

Representation Summary:


Full text:

We consider that proposal site policy ps2a is unsound as it is currently drafted as it is not justified nor effective. the policy does not take account of Sainsbury's obligation to prepare a joint development brief should they relocate from the site, nor is there any justification provided as to why uses not usually found in town centres are being promoted on a site which is predominantly located in the primary shopping area of Southend town centre.

We consider that proposal site policy ps10a is unsound as the allocation is not effective nor justified and it would compromise the deliverability of the AAP as a whole by using up all the network capacity for the medium/long term and preventing schemes such as the redevelopment of roots hall which has outline consent and relocation of Sainsbury's from London round coming forward.