Southend Central Area Action Plan (SCAAP) Preferred Approach 2015

Representation ID: 1979

Received: 22/04/2016

Respondent: Milton Conservation Society

Representation Summary:

The document seems to place landmarks and landmark buildings (section 4.9) above the best quality aggregated urban design. Question 15 relates. This attitude of landmark (or 'iconic' building to use the popular language) is becoming discredited so it seems rather odd that it so strongly features in our forward looking planning. As an example, the Sainsbury site was, not many years ago, hailed by the planners of our town as an important and focal town centre development. Not many years passed before the folly of this development was then realised so that the site has been proposed for re-development, should Sainsbury's relocate, and this is included in the document. Your document feels like it will lead to similar, repeated mistakes in future. The student housing building, now proposed as nothing less than a new potential landmark building demonstrates exactly what we are claiming. This building is largely disliked and ridiculed because it was built as an iconic or landmark building that paid virtually no relation to its urban surroundings. This type of arrogant 'look at me' building should not be the focus of future urban development in the town centre.