Southend Central Area Action Plan (SCAAP) - Revised Proposed Submission 2016

Representation ID: 2567

Received: 30/11/2016

Respondent: Mr Ian Goodchild

Representation Summary:

Like to see band stage at roof level on the museum and some parking at that level

Full text:

Much has been said over the past about traffic /parking /development re the central seafront with comments to the council from say the operators of all the entertainments and now a new museum in place of slip cliffs and loss of a band stage , I would ask the council to look at the possibility of creating from the old swimming pool from a reclaimed sea area say 200 yards out eastwards towards the pier a raised area for parking and other seasonal events with a sand beach area at the eastern end out of the outgoing tidal flow this would preserve the sand and safety of swimmers creating a small bay ,decrease the flood tides which each year invade the carriage way, cost from the moaning(about lack of parking) playground operators and others /museum/seaway developer. it would also be good to see a band stage at roof level on the museum and some parking at that level. Back to sea level why not include a green area c/w trees some shade( keep tree fellers off ) and a channel for your ne. Roads and access from the east of town, not much has changed from 1940,s the A127 became dual carriage way a new single road adjacent to the airport and the sea front has been down graded very much Shoeburyness was with population say 8K and garrison now pop increased to 20K Thorpe Bay was 3k now 9k. so many minor improvements to roads and the dual roads all go back into single original roads Sutton road is now over used as is A127 and suffer any accident/blockage we all know other routes ie Prittlewell chase and London roadA13 .To assist with blockages how about considering another link from Sutton rd/ industrial site/Journeymans ways and north of the sports ground in to an improved Warner's bridge close/improved bridge crossing at least this would relieve and offer alternate road way also if the proposed football stadium ever materialised foot access from the airport station.