Design and Townscape Guide - Refresh 2009 (Consultation Draft)

Representation ID: 49

Received: 03/06/2009

Respondent: Mr J C Gibb

Representation Summary:

Paragraph 416 It would be prudent to include 'actively' before 'marketed' and probably go on to add 'at a reasonable market rent subject to normal terms and conditions' or some other wording to prevent sham.
There may however be situations where a change of use can be seen as desirable or appropriate to prevent a nuisance or revert to residential in a tertiary shopping area where demand for shops has genuinely disappeared and is unlikely to return.

Full text:

The draft generally represents a step in the right direction. It may however be the case that there is still insufficient weight behind some of the core principles especially limiting climate change, preserving the Green Belt and producing a desirable environment to live in.