TA1: Town Centre and Central Area Highway Network

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Southend Central Area Action Plan & Proposals Map - Proposed Submission

Representation ID: 1360

Received: 25/11/2011

Respondent: Arriva Southern Counties

Representation Summary:

Suggested amendment to point 3 of Policy TA1:

Full text:

Transport & Access: Section 8: SCAAP Objectives seems to have something missing as states objectives 2, 3 and (blank).
First bullet point does not make sense and perhaps should read "....buildings and public realm....".

Para 261 (page 83): Objectives 3rd bullet point: Might be helpful to define what 'further improve public transport' means. This could be improving journey times, predictability, frequency, fares levels, number of routes etc.

Policy TA1: Page 86: 3. Suggest this should read 'Ensure that the bus priority measures focussed on the A13 ......are progressed and effective'.

Para 270: Page 87: Suggest the sert route should be on the Proposals Map.

Policy TA2: Public Transport: Page 89:
Support the content of this policy but, particularly in para 3, it is very broad and lacks definition of what improvements to public transport might be considered.

Policy DP7: Page 129 and para 407: Objectives for Tylers Avenue Quarter: Para vii: It is important there is one public transport interchange where all central bus services call. Other interchanges can be developed but need to be accessed without a tortuous diversion away from the principal public transport corridors.
Fourth bullet point: Is this a reference to the second stage of the Travel Centre? If so then it is vital the Travel Centre is all in one cohesive location.

Policy DP9: Page 160: Para 8a: Support the priority route for sert.

Proposal Sites PS10a - Former B&Q site:
Vital the effects of any redevelopment of this site and any subsequent junction works can be accommodated within the capacity of the highway network on Queensway. Recent experience in this area has seen significant levels of congestion.

Schedule 1: Part B Policies: Page 190:
Modal Split: Suggest in Target and Dates column this should include completion of priority measures on the A13 mentioned in Bus reliability section on page 189.