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Southend Central Area Action Plan (SCAAP) - Revised Proposed Submission 2016

Representation ID: 2859

Received: 15/12/2016

Respondent: Stockvale Group

Agent: Stockvale Group

Legally compliant? Yes

Sound? No

Representation Summary:

This Paragraph states that: "The policies are not explicit on the precise quantum of development..."
Whilst we do not object to this in principle, there is not an adequate policy framework on which to judge the impact of different scales of development. This partly as a result of the inadequate and partly erroneous evidence base that is being used, particularly the Parking Study. To be effective, we need to ensure that the effects of development on the operation of the important sea front tourism area is understood. Until this is resolved, we will maintain a holding objection to this point.

Full text:

RPS has prepared the following representations to Southend Borough Council's Southend Central Area Action Plan (SCAAP), Revised Proposed Submission Version (November 2016) The following Headings represent Paragraphs or Policies contained within the SCAAP. These representations should be read in conjunction with the accompanying completed Representations Forms.
Our client operates the largest and most successful tourism businesses in Southend (The StockvaleGroup is the owner and operator of: Adventure Island theme park; Sealife Adventure; Three Shells beach café; Pavilion Fish and Chips; Feelgoods Pizza Pasta Restaurant; Sands Bistro restaurant; Adventure Inside and Radio Essex). We would like an opportunity to explain our client's business aspirations and explain why the policies in the Plan will not provide a firm basis for the growth of tourism in Southend, and indeed will have the opposite effect on tourism businesses to the objectives set out at the start of the SCAAP. It is very important to our client that the Inspector understands the consequences of adopting the SCAAP as currently drafted.