91. Are there any other land contamination issues that need to be considered?

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Development Management Development Plan (DPD)

Representation ID: 941

Received: 19/10/2010

Respondent: Environment Agency

Representation Summary:

Issue DM24: Question 91
We support the wording of the proposed policy. The policy could be strengthened by recommending Global Remediation Strategies for certain sites. If the development of an area is under one ownership and is to be undertaken over a number of years some thought should be given to assessment of the site from a global or strategic perspective and planning long term sustainable remediation options where appropriate.


Development Management Development Plan (DPD)

Representation ID: 1051

Received: 20/10/2010

Respondent: Savills

Representation Summary:

The Council may wish to state a policy preference for the type of land remediation - encapsulation, soil cleaning, off site disposal of contaminated soils for various end uses
Contaminated land should also be included policy DM1