6.3.5 Sunlight/Daylighting Assessment

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Design and Townscape Guide - Refresh 2009 (Consultation Draft)

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Received: 03/06/2009

Respondent: Mr J C Gibb

Representation Summary:

Paragraphs 418 and 419 The emphasis should be on showing the surrounding buildings accurately. The diagrams should cover all times during the day. In addition the diagrams should be required as part of the application, not as an afterthought. It is bad enough for neighbours to assess the impact on their building when formulating objectioins without having to face a situation whereby the diagrams are provided at the last moment after inspections have been made especially if they do not accurately portray the surrounding buildings.

Full text:

The draft generally represents a step in the right direction. It may however be the case that there is still insufficient weight behind some of the core principles especially limiting climate change, preserving the Green Belt and producing a desirable environment to live in.