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Community Infrastructure Levy - Draft Charging Schedule (Nov 2014)

Representation ID: 1789

Received: 12/12/2014

Respondent: Cogent Land LLP (Cogent)

Representation Summary:

Residual Section 106 Assumptions
Having now had the opportunity to review the revised draft Regulation 123 list and Planning Obligations SPD, we remain concerned that the assumption within the BNP viability appraisals for Section 106 and 278 obligations (£1,012 per unit)is not reflective of the Councils proposed strategy post -CIL implementation.
In the Planning Obligations SPD, we note that reference is made to an allowance of £850 per unit for Section 106 obligations. We would therefore ask that the Council provide a breakdown of the £1,012 per unit against the items indicated in the SPD to remain under Section 106.
Finally, we would note that additional comments in respect of the Planning Obligations SPD have been submitted by Savills on behalf of Cogent.