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Development Management - Proposed Submission

Representation ID: 1217

Received: 06/06/2011

Respondent: Essex County Council

Representation Summary:

Paragraph 2.19 - should read also reference the Parklands Vision (2008) as a key document.

Full text:

Essex County Council fully supports the preparation of the Development Management DPD. It will provide more detailed guidance which should greatly assist the process of securing high quality sustainable development in support of the strategic vision of the Core Strategy and meeting the needs of the community. The emphasis on a positive and proactive approach in pursuit of achieving better development outcomes through the whole Development Management process is welcomed. The County Council considers that the Proposed Submission is 'sound' but that the future use and practical application of the document would benefit from further reflection on a limited number of matters, which are set out in the schedule.

Pargraph 1.8 and 1.9 - the prinicple that the policies within the Development Management DPD should read alongside other statutory policy documents, and with each other, is fully supported. However, the statements would benefit from additional highlighting within the text, perhpas by 'boxing' them and giving the title 'Relationship of Policies'. The paragraphs could also be usuefully added for reference to the 'Policies' list in the contents section. The cross-referencing policies could be reinforced at appropriate points within the document, particularly the need for users to read and apply Policy DM16 alongside other Policies.

Paragraph 2.19 - should read also reference the Parklands Vision (2008) as a key document.

Paragraph 3.13 - the reference to the Greengrid Strategy is welcome but reference should be made to delivery of the Strategic Thames Estuary Path (Survey 2008). Appropriate additional text would be 'An important strategic link is the Thames Estuary Path which runs from Central London to Shoeburyness . It is particularly important in Southend linking the Seafront to Chalkwell, Leigh on Sea and beyond to Hadleigh, the venue for the Olympic Mountain biking event in 2012'.

Paragraph 3.14 - the reference to National Biodiversity designations is welcome but particular reference to their local importance could be included by additional of the following text - ' These sites are significant attractions in their own right and the mudflats at Southend and Leigh contribute to the estuarine character of the place. Furthermore Two Tree Island and Leigh Marshes are important visitor attractions which could be further developed to boost green economy.

Policy DM6 (The Seafront) - the policy could more proactively support the natural areas by adding a third measure to the first paragraph of the Policy to read 'iii) contribute to the positive appreciation of the natural resources by increased information facilities and, where possible, physical access'.

Paragraph 4.14 and Policy DM8 (Residential Standards) Policy Table 4 (Residential Standards) - the text of paragraph 4014 and Policy Table 4 is inconsistenet in respect of minimum storage area 'for each additional occupant'. The paragraph refers to 0.5m2 whereas the Policy Table refers to 0.25m2. Either the values should be consistent or the document should explain the reasons for the variation.