Southend Central Area Action Plan (SCAAP) Preferred Approach 2015

Representation ID: 2239

Received: 15/02/2016

Respondent: Southend BID

Representation Summary:

Southend BID received a 100% consultation responses having sent the Pro Forma out to 50 plus business consultees. The results of these can also be found in the tables in Appendix 4. Overwhelmingly the business consultees supported the SCAAP aspiration for Southend to be a prosperous, vibrant, safe cultural hub and City by the Sea. 94% of respondents supported that. In relation to the SCAAP's aspirational growth in homes in the Central Area 74% of the consultees supports the Councils vision. In relation to the job growth within the SCAAP area 90% of the respondents supported the Councils aspiration.