Southend Central Area Action Plan (SCAAP) - Revised Proposed Submission 2016

Representation ID: 2509

Received: 13/12/2016

Respondent: Mrs Pauline Angell

Legally compliant? Yes

Sound? No

Representation Summary:

The Tylers Ave carpark is very popular. The fact that it is there encourages shoppers to Southend High St. It is used by shoppers, workers in the office buildings in Tylers Ave and Court users. The elderly need carparks near to the shops which Tylers Ave is. The Council shouldn't be trying to drive the less mobile out of Southend. More residential properties should not be built in the middle of the town. This will cause more congestion because of lack of parking. Artisan workshops could be set up in the old BHS store.

Full text:

The Tylers ave carpark is always full or nearly full so shows how popular it is. I always use it when shopping in southend. It is used by court users for Tylers House and shoppers including elderly that don't want a long walk to M &S and the High St. Not everyone likes to use multi storey carparks especially in the winter when it gets dark so early. There does not need to be any more cafes or restaurants built on the carpark as there are plenty in the High St and vacant premises there, if any traders want to set up new ones. As for small workshops, couldn't they use the empty BHS property if converted? I am against and new residential properties being built in the middle of the town. This will cause more congestion. The Council should oontinue to convert the office blocks in Victoria Ave for habitation which is a sensible option. Quite frankly, if I could not park in Tylers Ave carpark, it would put me off travelling to Southend and I suspect many, like me, who shop there every week. It would drive many shoppers to out of town shopping centres which do provide adequate outside parking near the shops. To build on this carpark is utter lunacy if the Council wants to encourage customers to the High St.