Planning Obligation - A Guide to Section 106 and Developer Contributions

Representation ID: 334

Received: 07/01/2010

Respondent: Sport England (East Office)

Representation Summary:

The preferred option that was proposed in paragraphs 6.8-6.16 (and Appendix 3) of the Council's Planning Obligations and Vehicle Parking Standards DPD Pre-Submission Public Participation document (2006) was broadly supported as it provided detail and clarity on how a developer contributions scheme for open space, sport and recreation would operate in practice. The approach proposed in the current SPD consultation document is considered to be a step back from this as this provides no certainty to developers or the community about the scope and extent of developer contributions that will be expected with respect to community facilities. While acknowledging that viability of individual proposals should be accounted for this can still be built in to a planning obligations scheme through guidance on when exceptions will be acceptable.