Planning Obligation - A Guide to Section 106 and Developer Contributions

Representation ID: 365

Received: 13/01/2010

Respondent: Civil Aviation Authority

Representation Summary:

Other Civil Aerodromes - Operators/licensees of civil aerodromes other than those that are officially safeguarded are advised to take steps to protect their locations from the effects of possible adverse development. To this end local authorities might agree to accept a 'non-official' safeguarding map from any local aeronautical site. If the Council has agreed to hold such maps it should approach the site operator directly for comment on planning matters. Local planning authorities are asked to respond sympathetically to requests for non-official safeguarding. The CAA is prepared to offer advice on the preparation of a non official safeguarding map at the request of any aerodrome operator or local planning authority. ODPM Circular 1/2003 (annex 2, paragraph 13) refers.