Design and Townscape Guide - Refresh 2009 (Consultation Draft)

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Received: 03/06/2009

Respondent: Mr J C Gibb

Representation Summary:

Conclusion. The paper is generally welcome. My comments are intended to add weight to policies and fill in a few gaps.
I am particularly concerned about the protection of areas like South East Leigh which do not appear to be given the same weight as Thorpe Bay, Chalkwell or the Marine Estate. I hope this is an oversight and that the policy will be strengthened to protect those areas which fall outside the conservation areas. Grand Parade and Cliff Gardens Leigh as a particular example as are the roads to the North of them.

Full text:

The draft generally represents a step in the right direction. It may however be the case that there is still insufficient weight behind some of the core principles especially limiting climate change, preserving the Green Belt and producing a desirable environment to live in.