Development Management Development Plan (DPD)

Ended on the 9 August 2010
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Appendix 5: Southend on Sea Borough Local Plan (adopted 1994), First Alteration (adopted 1997) and Second Alteration (adopted 1999) – Saved Policies

Green Belt and Natural Resources

Policy G1: Development within the Green Belt
Policy G1a: Safeguarded Land (Second Alteration)
Policy G3: Landscape Protection and Improvement
Policy G5: Special Landscape Areas
Policy G7: Coastal Protection

Conservation and Townscape

Policy C1: Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Site
Policy C2: Historic Buildings
Policy C3: Conversion of Historic Buildings
Policy C4: Conservation Areas
Policy C5: Leigh Old Town
Policy C6: Frontages of Townscape Merit
Policy C7: Shop and Commercial Frontages and Fascias
Policy C8: Advertisements
Policy C9: Satellite Antennae
Policy C11: New Buildings, Extensions and Alterations
Policy C12: Undercliff Gardens
Policy C13: Street Furniture
Policy C14: Trees, Planted Areas and Landscaping
Policy C15: Retention of Open Spaces
Policy C16: Foreshore Views
Policy C17: A127 Frontage
Policy C18: Open Sites for Commercial Purposes

Housing Provision and Residential Environment

Policy H3: Retention of Small Family Houses
Policy H4: Preservation of Residential Uses
Policy H5: Residential Design and Layout Considerations
Policy H6: Protecting Residential Character (First Alteration)
Policy H7: The Formation of Self-Contained Flats
Policy H8: Sheltered Housing and Residential Institutions
Policy H9: Non-Self-Contained Residential Accommodation (First Alteration)
Policy H10: Backland Development
Policy H12: Environmental Improvement of Residential Areas

Employment and Business

Policy E1: Employment Promotion
Policy E2: Major Office Development
Policy E3: Secondary Offices
Policy E4: Industry and Warehousing
Policy E5: Non-Residential Uses Close to Housing

Shopping and Retail Services

Policy S1: New Shopping Developments
Policy S5: Non-Retail Uses
Policy S7: Car Sales and Showrooms
Policy S8: Improvements to Primary Shopping Frontages
Policy S9: Retention of Secondary Shopping Frontages

Leisure and Tourism

Policy L1: Facilities for Tourism
Policy L2: Central Seafront Area
Policy L3: Southend Pier
Policy L4: Water Recreation
Policy L5: Entertainment and the Arts
Policy L6: Hotels and Guest Houses
Policy L7: Retention of Hotel and Guest House Uses
Policy L9: Camping and Caravan Accommodation

Recreation and Open Space

Policy R1: Outdoor Sports Facilities
Policy R2: Indoor Sports Facilities
Policy R3: Swimming Pool Facilities
Policy R4: Golf Courses
Policy R5: Parks and Gardens
Policy R6: Countryside Recreation
Policy R7: Allotments

Community Services and Utilities

Policy U1: Infrastructure Provision
Policy U2: Pollution Control
Policy U4: Southend Hospital
Policy U6: Non-Residential Health Care Facilities
Policy U7: Existing Education Facilities
Policy U8: Provision of New Education Facilities
Policy U9: Child-Minding Facilities
Policy U10: Provision of Other Community Facilities

Transport and Parking

Policy T1: Priorities
Policy T2: A127
Policy T3: A13 and Related Routes
Policy T6: A1159, Priory Crescent
Policy T7: Seafront Access
Policy T8: Traffic Management and Highway Safety
Policy T10: Town Centre Parking (On-Street)
Policy T11: Parking Standards
Policy T12: Servicing Facilities
Policy T13: Cycling and Walking
Policy T14: Public Transport
Policy T15: Interchange Facilities
Policy T16: Commuter Car Parking
Policy T17: Southend Airport

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