Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Representation ID: 1721

Received: 30/01/2015

Respondent: Cogent Land LLP (Cogent)

Representation Summary:

The approach taken by BNP in assessing the BLVs is complex and does not appear to be directly linked back to the five year land supply. The four BLVs quoted do not appear to be supported by market evidence and there is no explanation of how these BLVs apply to each of the identified market areas.
We would therefore ask that SBC provide further market evidence and commentary to explain, in relation to each market area, which BLV is most appropriate and how this relates back to the land supply coming forward in these areas (i.e. which BLV is most appropriate in each market area). This will ensure that the analysis of the viability appraisals in each area is appropriate given the nature of the sites coming forward for development.