Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Representation ID: 1722

Received: 30/01/2015

Respondent: Cogent Land LLP (Cogent)

Representation Summary:

Large, strategic sites require a significant amount of land to enable them to deliver certain items of on-site infrastructure, such as public open space and educational facilities. Consequently the reduction from gross land area to net developable area can range substantially with reductions ranging from 40 - 60%.
Whilst the development density applied to the net site area may be appropriate within the Viability Study, the gross land take is particularly important when comparing the Residual Land Value (RLV) with the BLV. If the BLV is reported on a per net acre basis, it is therefore important that the RLV is applied to the correct net area. Similarly, if the BLV is on a gross basis then the RLV should be applied to the total (gross) site area.
Looking at the viability summary tables contained in the BNP viability study it is unclear whether the BLV has been applied to the net or gross site area. We would therefore ask that BNP confirm what assumption has been made as this is critical in establishing whether or not the proposed rates of CIL are viable.