Southend Central Area Action Plan (SCAAP) Preferred Approach 2015

Representation ID: 1987

Received: 25/01/2016

Respondent: Mr. Harry Chandler

Representation Summary:

OS6 - For many years I have been disappointed by the lack of a comprehensive bus station in Southend. The present arrangements in Chichester Road are unsatisfactory for both residents of Southend and surrounding area and visitors to Southend. Many people especially elderly residents, mothers with babies and small children and the disabled have to stand in cold and wet weather without adequate shelter and heating. Visitors to Southend to whom I have spoken have been appalled by current arrangements. The glazed structure south of Heygate Avenue is shunned by most bus passengers as it does not appear to be fit for purpose. To be constructive a bus station along the lines of the one in Preston, Lancashire shown below, seems the obvious solution.
Having used this bus station for many years, is a joy to use compared with the arrangements in our town, Southend. I understand that the bus station in Preston, opened in 1969, is to be refurbished. On a smaller scale, the bus stations in Harrogate and Bath, both residential and tourist towns, also work well for passengers.
The current location of our bus station does not seem to be ideal. The large car park adjacent to the bus station seems to work. It would seem sensible to use this large car par to build a structure similar in purpose to the one in Preston and to provide car parking and a first class bus station for the people of Southend and district and visitors as part of the Better Southend.