Southend Central Area Action Plan (SCAAP) Preferred Approach 2015

Representation ID: 2295

Received: 22/01/2016

Respondent: Mr Alan Grubb

Representation Summary:

In connection with the shared space located outside Southend Victoria Rail Station, I did raise this issue at the time of the redevelopment, saying that in my opinion in order to reduce the possibility of accidents to pedestrians crossing to and from the rail station, Victorian style metal railings could be erected on the feeder road outside the station, the railings should extend from the main entrance of the station, extending down to the area outside the British Transport Police car park and corresponding railings on the opposite side with a gap at the bus stops and a gap in each of the railing outside the side entrance to the rail station with a pedestrian controlled facility. Although some trees have been planted at Victoria Circus, they are not mature enough to attract the wild life (Birds) More trees do need to be planted but the trees do need to be semi matured and be able to support wild life.
My comments refer to the road part of the shared access which takes buses from Victoria Avenue into the bus stops outside the side entrance of the rail station this part of the road is also being used by drivers of vehicles who are using Victoria Avenue to access the ring road without using the traffic light at Victoria Circus.
There does need to be signs before the start of this section of the road restricting the drivers other than bus or taxi drivers from using this area of road together with A N P R cameras. The problem is further compounded by unauthorised vehicles using the road in the opposite direction. The problem is further compounded by some vehicle owners/ delivery drivers parking their vehicles on the pavement before the side entrance to the Rail station thereby blocking the visibility of the pedestrian who is wishing to cross the road from the station.