Southend Central Area Action Plan (SCAAP) Preferred Approach 2015

Representation ID: 2304

Received: 15/02/2016

Respondent: Indigo Planning

Agent: Royals Shopping Centre

Representation Summary:

Valad (Europe) support Option C as it will allow for more restaurant (A3) uses which the town centre is currently lacking. More A3 uses will increase footfall and linked trips and support the night time economy thus adding to the vitality and viability of the town centre. Further flexibility should be built into this policy to allow other town centre appropriate uses to be permitted providing there is not an over concentration of these uses within a certain length of the frontage.
It is widely acknowledged that the nature of retail is changing. It must be acknowledged that retail frontage policy needs to change, to allow capacity for other, new innovative uses, as well as other leisure and supporting uses which will create vitality in the borough's centres.