Southend Central Area Action Plan (SCAAP) Preferred Approach 2015

Representation ID: 2395

Received: 12/02/2016

Respondent: Procuresure Consulting

Representation Summary:

Clifftown conservation area should have strict parking control as seen in the residential areas of Thorpe Bay. More double yellow lines should be introduced on all roads in Clifftown especially Clifftown Parade where parking congestion makes the road dangerous due to speeding vehicles and the narrowing of the road by parked cars. The theatre should provide parking as should the Council facilitate parking for commuters elsewhere. All official driveways should be white lined by the council to stop illegal parking and allow residents access to their own driveways. Over parking in Clifftown is a major issue, especially in Clifftown Parade. Over parking ruins what is supposed to be a conservation area, the vehicle fumes is also bad for the buildings and occupants themselves. The summer time parking restrictions do not go far enough and they should be year round. why should we the residents have to adhere to the planning rules in article 4 when all the extra money we spend on keeping our properties in aesthetic order is then ruined by hundreds of cars jam packed in along the streets we live in which ruin the look of the area anyway?! Clifftown Parade should have no on street parking at all.