Southend Central Area Action Plan (SCAAP) Preferred Approach 2015

Representation ID: 2439

Received: 01/03/2016

Respondent: National Federation for the Blind

Representation Summary:

London Road should not be pedestrianised. The taxi rank should not be moved further away from its current position. It is already quite a distance for elderly and disabled people to walk from the shops to the taxi rank. People visiting the cinema also need the taxi nearby. At night it could cause dangerous situations if people have to walk further to the taxi rank. I would even suggest a bus route to that area, certainly not a pedestrian area. There are many banks in that area where many elderly people need to go, and for safety reasons need taxis close by for their transport requirements. Also more disabled parking to be in that area. If you pedestrianise it you take away access for disabled people to get to their Banks.
If you put tables and chairs in a pedestrian area in London Road this will be a nightmare for blind and partially sighted people to walk in this area.