Core Strategy - Adopted December 2007

Appendix 2

Glossary/Definition of Terms Used

RSS Regional Spatial Strategy for the East of England, the East of England Plan (replacing RPG9, Regional Planning Guidance for the South East, 2001 in relation to Southend-on-Sea)

Local Development

Documents Documents setting out the Authority's policies and proposals for the development and use of land in its area, together with further guidance on those policies and proposals, and which together comprise the Local Development Framework for the area

Development Plan

Documents Local Development Documents that set out the Authority's policies and proposals for the development and use of land in its area, and which together form the statutory development plan for the area

Area Action Plans Development Plan Documents setting out the Authority's policies and proposals relating to areas of significant change or special conservation

Supplementary Planning

Documents Local Development Documents providing further guidance on the Authority's policies and proposals for the development and use of land, but which do not form part of the statutory development plan for the area

Local Development

Scheme A document required to be prepared and maintained by the Authority under the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 to manage the programme of Local Development Framework preparation, and to inform the public of the documents that will make up that Framework and the timescales they can expect for the preparation and review of these documents

Affordable Housing Affordable housing includes social rented and intermediate housing, provided to specified eligible households whose needs are not met by the market. Affordable housing should:

  • Meet the needs of eligible households including availability at a low cost enough for them to afford, determined with regard to local incomes and local house prices.
  • Include provision for the home to remain at an affordable price for future eligible households or, if these restrictions are lifted, for the subsidy to be recycled for alternative affordable housing provision.

Key Worker Person employed in an occupation category that is categorised locally or sub-regionally by a number of the following: skills shortages; low response to job advertisements; poor quality of candidates against the person specification; refusal of a job offer by successful candidates; high turnover of staff; viability of service or product threatened by insufficient staff; the provision of essential public services

Sustainable Communities Sustainable communities are places where people want to live and work, now and in the future. They meet the diverse needs of existing and future residents, are sensitive to their environment, and contribute to a high quality of life. They are safe and inclusive, well planned, built and run, and offer equality of opportunity and good services for all

Green Belt Land that it is considered necessary to keep permanently open in order to achieve one or more of the five purposes of the Green Belt set out in national policy guidance (currently Planning Policy Guidance Note 2, PPG2: Green Belts)

Greenfield All land that does not fall within the definition of 'Previously Developed Land' (see summary definition below). Not all greenfield land will be included within the Green Belt

Previously Developed

Land Land which is or was occupied by a permanent structure (excluding agricultural or forestry buildings) and associated fixed surface infrastructure. The definition includes the curtilage of the development but excludes land in built-up areas which has not been developed previously (e.g. parks, recreation grounds and allotments, even though these areas may contain certain urban features such as paths, pavilions and other buildings)

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